Center "Doors of Life" in collaboration with Föreningen SAB and Kif Liria Växjö, Sweden, opened the "Doors of Charity"

Beneficiaries of this Health Program in Rural areas of Albania, started with the Administrative Unit Zall-Bastar.

Today this community in need and away from any impossibility to get the necessary services in specialties for their health.

The "Doors of Life" center opened the doors of charity, offering free medical services in several specialties such as:
  • Pathology
  • Nephrology
  • Internal Diseases
  • Rheumatology
  • Pediatrics
Beneficiaries, any age of this Administrative unit, to cure their health from economic impossibility!

During this activity that took place today by the specialists of the center "Doors of Life" during the medical examinations, the patient with the initials Xh. F., a resident of this unit, was assessed as an emergency case for the University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa".

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the doctors of the "Doors of Life" center, the patient presented with symptoms of an AVC Suspect.

He was caught on time and sent by ambulance to QSUT.