Center "Doors of Life" in Italian Newspaper "L'osservatore Romano

*We are giving you a part of the inspiring reality of the Center - The Doors of Life *!

"A short presentation of a man who, under the inspiration of God, voluntarily performs a noble work and has helped many families in need.

Bernard Progni, a young man with great ambitions in life, who as a child was very active in the work and services performed by the Catholic Church.

He was baptized in the Church of "St. Michael", Tirana. In the meantime he has continued his studies in medicine and is already practicing the profession of Doctor. The Christian desire to serve and the humanism and ethics of the medical profession unite in this man. Dr. Bernard, a man of great heart, has built a bridge of solidarity and support to come to the aid of the needy with charitable and free medical services. The Biblical Hearth has also supported him in his charitable activity for the glory of God.

The hearth of the Bible thanks God for this grace he has given to our community and joins the many thanks given to Dr. Progni for the good work he has done with God's help. "

"We wish him grace and success in his noble mission and hope that with God's help we will participate in his activity and together we will give glory to God."

Dr. Bernard Progni, director of the "Doors of Life" center, today extended with his help to people in need across the country.