The Association "Union of Women with Disabilities of Albania", in cooperation with the Center "Doors of Life" and Föreningen SAB, opened the health program "Doors of Charity"

Center "Doors of Life" with the executive director Mr. Bernard PROGNI, in cooperation with Föreningen SAB, Sweden, and the Association "Union of Women with Disabilities of Albania" with Executive Director Mrs. Elsa Tasha opened the "Doors of Charity".

The beneficiaries of this Health Program in this case were over 100 members of the association, "Union of Women with Disabilities of Albania", headquartered in the Municipality of Durres.

Today, this community in need and far from any opportunity to receive the necessary services in specialties for their health, the "Doors of Life" Center opened the doors of charity, offering free medical services to patients of different age groups in need, in some specialties such as:


Abdominal echo

Women's examination - Obstetric-gynecological visits.

Beneficiaries, every age of the community of this Association "Union of women with disabilities of Albania" to cure their health from economic impossibility!

During this activity that took place today by the specialists of the center "Doors of Life" during the medical examinations, a very professional method was followed in the provision of various medical services.

We thank all the structures of the Association "Union of women with disabilities of Albania" and a Thank you for monitoring the medical activity of the director of health for the region of Durrës, Mrs. Aurora Hyka and Mrs. Elsa Tasha, director of the ASSOCIATION "UNION OF WOMEN WITH DISABILITIES OF ALBANIA", with her for the readiness and information of the members of the Association.

Together for a better future; for complete health and readiness for any community need.

Thank you

Union of women with disabilities of Albania!