The Center "Doors of Life", in collaboration with Föreningen SAB, Sweden, and the "Together We Can" Association #togetherwecanassociation "Doors of charity"

The month of October, for breast cancer awareness.

The "Doors of Life" Center opened the doors of the charity, offering you training for breast control by the Obstetrician - Maternity Gynecologist Queen Geraldin Dr. Dec. ROZETA shahinaj and by Dr. Adil Mustafa. Obsteter - Gynecologist!

During this activity that took place today by the specialists of the "Doors of Life" center during medical training, a very professional method was followed in providing breast control.

We thank the president of the Association of Disabled Women of Albania, headquartered in Durrës, Mrs. Elsa Tasha, as well as all the structures of the Organization for engaging in this medical activity, for the readiness shown and informing the community of Disabled Women of Albania in it. all the branches of Albania!

We also thank Dr. Bernard, who is not an unknown name for us as an organization. Thanks to his will, many women in need have received a great deal of support from Bernardi and the very organization he leads!

Together for a better future; for complete health and readiness for any community need.

Thank you!