We successfully launched the project with the theme "Old age or differently abled are not diseases" - Doors of Life Albania

Today we successfully launched the project with the theme "Old age or differently abled are not diseases" - Doors of Life Albania, part of the project "Strengthening the resilience of the elderly and differently abled during Covid -19 and future disasters".

Based on the objectives of the "Doors of Life" Center, the aim is to help the elderly with health problems. Actors of the local community, doctors, professors, engineers were present, and during the session provided for in the agenda, the needs and problems to which this project will contribute were discussed.

We thank you for your presence, which added value to today's activity:
Prof. Dr. Bajram HYSA – former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Tirana
Prof. Dr. Thanas KULO - Cardiologist
Prof. Diana DJALOSHI – Project Expert & Lecturer
Part of the discussion panel were also Dr. Bernard PROGNI and Project Coordinator Prof. Mariglend PEPMARKU, who spoke about the objectives of the Organization and the development of the project.
We also thank Prof. Xhevahir DOCAJ for his contribution to the design of this project.
The Doors of Life Center aims to encourage, help and support all differently abled people, especially those with less opportunities, who come from peripheral areas or who are categorized as vulnerable groups. Visits and training will be offered, giving them hope, strength and confidence for the future, for their family members and the community where they have their life activity as an integral part of our society, offering medical services in the bio-psycho-social model for the consequences physical condition of persons who have passed COVID-19 (elderly and persons with different abilities).
The purpose of the project - Improving the quality of life of people with different abilities and the elderly by treating the physical consequences caused by COVID-19 as well as Creating a Database with the data of these people who have passed Covid-19. As a result, we will work on accessibility to the medical records of people who have passed Covid, and the identification of their individual health needs."

The project aims to improve the quality of life of the individual by treating the physical consequences caused by COVID-19, the health care education of the beneficiaries of the project (persons with different abilities as well as the third age), and training on how to gain accessibility in state health institutions, in order to ensure the receipt of health services for a long time and not only during the duration of the project.
A special thanks to all participants.
Together for a better future.