Successful Medical Scientific Conference Explores 'Update on Abortions and Preterm Births' with International Collaboration and Industry Support

Today, on May 26, a medical scientific conference was successfully organized, with a contributory importance in cooperation with the international institutions Föreningen SAB in Sweden and C.F.O Farma at the national level, as well as with the participation of the companies Delta Farma and ITALMED. The conference is also supported by our educational and medical institutions, such as Tirana University of Medicine.

In this conference, we had the pleasure of welcoming the presence of the Faculty of Medicine Sh.e.T., Prof. Dr. Xheladin Draçini, Director of Maternity Queen Geraldin Sh.S., Prof. Dr. Eliona Demaliaj, as well as the moderators of the conference, Prof. Dr. Afërdita Manaj and Prof. Nor. Mirela Risto.

The main theme of this scientific conference is "Update on Abortions and Preterm Births" and it is deeply appreciated by our health institutions and beyond.

At the academic level, the outstanding contribution to the organization of this conference was entrusted to Prof. Dr. Bajram Hysa, while the design of the conference is the work and contribution of Msc. Xevahir Docaj.

The opening speech of this medical scientific conference was developed by Dr. Bernard PROGNI, executive director of Doors of Life Albania, wishing the attendees success for the development of this conference and its results.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.